Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Trading opportunites of tomorrow – 2019-01-14


This Monday will be weak in news. The EU and US session will be calm.

I picked 3 charts. The first is AUDCAD, but most AUD pairs will probably fall during the Asian session. AUDJPY looks very nice too.

GBP pairs also show the signals of reversal. The JPY will probably go up today, so my bet is this pair will be first, that will cross the MA line.

The GBPUSD is a big question because I think that the USD will be weaker today, but the GBP will probably fall bigger.  We have to wait, but if it crosses the MA line, it will be a good pair to trade. Be careful with the trading near to the London market opening.

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We will share one of the trades, that we will set on the monitoring account.


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