Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Trading opportunites based on the ForexMillionaireStrategy – 2019-05-08



The first pick for today is the AUDCHF. Not just this AUD pair shows a perfect RSI divergence but this one is already confirmed. We will have news from New Zealand during the Asian session. This can move the AUD too, and if I have to bet it will push the Aussie dollar down or nowhere.

The other chart is the GBPJPY. Many JPY pairs felt a lot and the RSI of many of these pairs became very low.  The GBPJPY will be probably a good trade because the GBP became too low, so it will probably reverse. So this combination can be a good one and generate a fast and profitable trade during the Asian or the European session.


You can see that we have to check the result of the BoJ Meeting (it can help the JPY pairs to jump higher, the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) Rate decision and Mr. Mario Draghi’s (President of the European Central Bank) speech too.


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