Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Trading opportunites based on the ForexMillionaireStrategy – 2019-03-13


This Wednesday will be probably a calm trading day. The economic calendar doesn’t show any important news to Forex traders.

Two ECB (European Central Bank) member will speak, but I don’t think that it will move the market too much. The US news are not the most important ones.

At this time, you can only find one acceptable RSI divergence on the charts and this is on the EURGBP H1 chart. The divergence is clear and if we want to talk some words about the fundamental, the negative movement is predictable. On Tuesday – only some hours ago – there was another Brexit vote in the UK parliament. The bets are started in the morning, so the GBP started to fall against most of the major currencies, this is why the EURGBP jumped up more than 1000 points.

Theresa May’s EU withdrawal plan was rejected again: BBC

And the question is what will happen now? The GBP will retrace a bit and this will be our time. When the GBP will become a little stronger, it will push the EURGBP to a little lower, and it will be enough to a 10-15 pips profit. The bravest FMS users can trade for more profit with Trailing Stop-Loss.

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