Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Trading opportunites based on the ForexMillionaireStrategy – 2019-02-26


Here are 2 charts about trading opportunities for 2019-02-26.

EURAUD is near to confirmation. There will be no strong AUD news during the Asian session, so if the signal will be confirmed, you can set this trade.

GBPJPY is not just based on the technical analysis. The GBP raised during the US session and it will probably retrace. Many JPY pairs shows the same pattern like GBPJPY – for example, CADJPY –  and that means, the buyers of the JPY woke up and started to work.

And finally the NZDCAD. This is another clear RSI divergence – you can see the same on the NZDUSD chart – that will probably turn to a trading signal soon.


Monday was a calm day, but you can see on the Economy Calendar that Tuesday will be different. We have to be careful trading with GBP and USD because of the speeches of Teresa May and Jerome Powel. The UK Prime Minister’s speech is scheduled one hour before the US market opening, the FED President’s speech will start @ the 2nd news section of the US trading session. So be careful and don’t trade near the important economic data publishments and the speeches.


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