Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Statistics of the monitoring accounts – 2019-05-07



Tuesday is over. This wasn’t a bad day, but we had better earlier

EA copy trading (Principal: $50 on May 01. ’19)

I had a good day, but not the best.  The EURUSD’s movement wasn’t good for the EA in the middle of the day, but finally, I had the chance to close the trades with a nice profit. On this Tuesday, the EA made $2.32 (4.64%) profit.

“The strategy” (Principal: $50 on May 01. ’19)

I waited for right trading options on this Tuesday, but finally, I didn’t choose any. The result is 0 trade, 0 profit or loss.

I’m going to share statistics about the accounts every day, but you can check the auto-updated charts about these accounts on the homepage anytime.

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