Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Statistics of the FMS EA Copy Trader Account (All-time: +38.91%)


DAY 10

The last day of the 2nd week was a bad day for us. We closed only one trade with $0.56 profit. The market was against us this week. We didn’t have too many good trading days. The biggest problem was that the market didn’t follow any trend for a long time.

The all-time profit is $27.24. This is not a bad result in 9-10 trading days (I wrote 9-10 days because we launched this account in Monday evening, so a first day was only 4 hours of evening trade).

This result is 38.91% profit in 2 weeks. The question is will we reach 120% profit in the next 2 weeks? This is the avg. profit of this strategy. You can bet now. I think we will reach it.

Here is the profit chart of the account. You can see that we had only one good trading day this week. This is why I think we will easily reach our goal. The next week will probably much better.

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