Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Statistics of the FMS EA Copy Trader Account (All-time: +9.01%)


DAY 1-2

FMS EA Copy Trader Account

This was the first day of the Expert Advisor copy trader account. The account funded with $70 last night. The first 24 hour was very successful.

In 24 hours the Expert Advisor made $6.31 profit. This is 9% profit.

The most important numbers of the chart are the 100% equity (shows that all the trades closed), the number of trades is 33. Sure there is much other information on the statistics, but if you are new in Forex, don’t have to check the others.



5 thoughts on “Statistics of the FMS EA Copy Trader Account (All-time: +9.01%)

  1. Hi, I am fairly experienced in trading, in that I know many strategies but have never quite had the confidence to actually go out and trade real money!

    I’m wondering about the strategy you use to trade, is it totally automated, or is there some manual intervention? I ask this question as I am not keen to use anything that is fully automated as I don’t believe that a bot exists today that can identify and handle all conditions of the market.

    1. Bryan, You are right. There is no working, fully automated system. We have to control our Expert Advisor. This is important and this is why this program is a copy trading program. We are using our EA on our account. With our control, the EA generates profit. Your account will copy these successful trades. This guarantees that you will earn the same profit that we do. 

  2. I had done a fair share of forex on my own few years ago. It wasn’t easy and personally, I think it requires a strong heart to trade forex. 

    I used mainly technical analysis. I had seen some people using copy trader but I wasn’t convinced. Your first day result looks pretty good I would say. I am certainly excited to find out how will it go! 

  3. Thank you for sharing¨STATISTICS  OF THE FMS EA COPY TRADER ACCOUNT (ALL TIME +9.01%)¨. It would help a lot some explaining of the tables shown. For instance, the number of trades shown is 33. I couldn´t find 55. Then is 9.01%  Gain (difference) Equity shown for this week, this month and this year. Does it mean you made 9.01% profit for the whole year?.If that is the case, I would like you opinion on precious stones trading for the long term, which seems more profitable by far (+53%). Vashi Dominguez, chief executive of diamond trading website Diamond Manufacturers, believes the best way to invest in the gem market is through a diamond trader. Despite being seen as an expensive luxury, the value of the best one- carat polished diamonds fell 12.5% last year, according to American-based diamond industry researcher Rapaport. But over the past decade they have risen by 53%

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, you saw it right and I corrected the trade’s number.

      Gain (difference) Equity shown for this week, this month and this year. Does it mean you made 9.01% profit for the whole year?

      No. If you read the post and check the first picture, the Master account launched ~ 30 hours ago ( a little more than 1 day ). 9,01% is the profit of the first 24 hours. You can also see it on the chart. This shows only 2 days because the account created on this Monday ~20:00 (server time). 53% is less than our average monthly profit. 

      I suggest reading more about our program and join us if you are interested in profitable investments: https://forexmillionairestrate

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