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Join the FMS Expert Advisor copy trading program


The first 10 copy trader can join our copy trading program totally free and can earn 80-150% profit every month.

You can read many things on our Homepage about copy trading of our Forex Expert Advisor’s trades. This is a new project created to make more profit to the copy traders with a faster/cheaper broker, the world’s #1 ECN Broker IC Markets.

Why is this better than the RiskFreeFXBot project?

The answer is simple:

  • ICMarket is the worlds #1 True ECM broker with the best spreads. That means that the Expert Advisor can close trades earlier, because of the lower fees.
  • ICMarket has a faster execution than any broker. That means that the trades set faster and closes earlier. That makes more profit.

So the main difference is that this project is based on a “better” broker than Grand Capital. RiskFreeFXBot generated more than 250% profit in 7 weeks. This program with faster trades will generate more.

Do I have to pay to use our Expert Advisor?

No, this copy trading opportunity is free for the first 10 members. Later you will have to pay $20 monthly subscription fee and 15% of the generated profit.

Is it a safe investment system, or is it possible that I will lose my investment?

This is a completely safe investment opportunity with high return.

Benefits of our FMS Expert Advisor copy trading method:

  • INVESTMENT GUARANTEE – We guarantee that your investment will gain and you will able to withdraw your base Balance as a profit in maximum 6 months.
  • ZERO FEE TO THE FIRST 10 COPY TRADERS – The first 10 members do not pay any subscription fees. We have the first 10 copy traders.
  • PROFIT GUARANTEE TO COPY TRADERS WITH $1,000 OR HIGHER BALANCE – We guarantee that you will receive min. 15% profit every month. We will transfer the difference to you if you won’t.
  • WE WILL SHARE ALL THE COPY TRADER’S RESULTS – Every account’s statistics will be shared if the copy trader let it. This shows that we are sure that our system is profitable and safe.
  • WORKING WITH THE WORLD’S BEST ECN BROKERAGE – IC Market is the best broker with fast execution and low spread, low fee account. This will help you to generate more profit with Forex trading than ever.

Do you want to join the copy trading program free?

Step 1 – Open a broker account at a trusted broker. You have to register to IC Markets.

Step 3 – Create a USD True ECN account with 1:500 leverage.

Step 4 – Deposit your account with min. $200.

Step 5 – Use the contact form after you deposited min. $200 to your account.  Write Forex Expert Advisor to the subject. We will set the copy trader and you will earn profit from the next trading day.

Do you have any questions? Use the contact form or leave a comment!


38 thoughts on “Join the FMS Expert Advisor copy trading program

  1. My husband is very much into day trading so this may be helpful for him. I haven’t learned about stock trades yet so there is a lot of terms that I don’t know. So my question is what is “copy trading”? If you can reply, that will be great and I can pass along the information to my husband. Thank you!

    1. First of all, we are not stock traders, we’ve been trading with currency pairs. This is Forex copy trading.

      Copy trading is an opportunity/system, that automatically copy the same trades from the Master account – the professional trader’s account – to the Slave account – this is your/the copy trader’s accout. 

  2. Just when I was beginning to source for refunds to fund my own freefxbot account now you’re tempting me with another offer. I’m now confused, because I don’t know what exactly you recommend for some like myself because I’ve never traded forex before. It seems the only difference here is the broker, how does it affect funding my account from Africa?

    1. IC Markets also accept many deposit options. They accept Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin and many others next to the classic Bank Card and transfer. You can easily fund your account at both brokerage.

  3. This membership fee is not expensive at all , I have think I love this and I will go into this because this will serve as a side income for me and I will start following you to get more updates from you. I think I have heard of this but I do not know how it works but reading this has enlighten me on this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Hello, Thanks for sharing this helpful guideline about this topic.This topic is very important.Social trading is a form of investing that allows investors to observe the trading behaviour of their peers and expert traders and to follow their investment strategies using copy trading or mirror trading.Copy trading is legal.Howeve, not just any Online trading brokerage can legally offer clients the ability to copy trade.Thanks for sharing this information.                

  5. I have noticed that lots of copy traders are coming up speedily these days, every company/broker is coming up with his or her own broker probably because learning how to trade forex is not so easy and it is quite important to encourage people to at least try using the copy traders.I hopes the risk associated with copy traders are minimal enough. In the end its a win win for both the brokers and the traders.

  6. This is a great post!

    I think that it is very exciting that you could possibly make 150% profit. It is really impressive that this system is even more profitable than RiskFreeFXBot. I think that everyone knows how powerful trading is when it comes to making money. I think I would definitely like to give this system a try for myself.

    Can anyone from anywhere in the world make use of this programme or is it for US residents only?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. No. IC Markets is an Australian broker and their licence do not let them to accept traders from the US, but from any other countries.

  7. wow, 150% profit?  That’s incredible, I hope this is realistic. How do I go about it if I want to invest, I don’t have any basic idea of tradi,will you trade o my behalf or teach me the necessary and basic things about trading? I anticipate your answer so I can take the next decision. I will surely share this post with my friends.

    1. Clement, This is easy, just follow the steps in the post. The FMS EA copy trading is a “copy trading” option. We will not teach you to trade. This is an automated system that sets the same trades on your account that we set on ours. This is how we can guarantee that you will earn the same profit than we do.

      I suggest checking the post about the guaranteed 10% profit on your first trading week: https://forexmillionairestrate

      I hope we will see you soon in the first 10 copy traders.

  8. This. Very interesting and I would love to see how this works some . Times back I nvested my Money’s on forex trading and it never went very well since then I have always been  cautious on anything to with day trading but if you are saying it will work then it’s worthy my try and will do it

  9. Hi the site present the opportunity in a simple and clear way. I don’t usually trade but I will recommend to my friends to check in this opportunity. The free start option is great, thanks for the information and I hope to see more interesting opportunities like this one in the future. 

  10. I have been following your post recently because I’m very interested in making lots of money on forex trading which I have been into for a long time now with no much earnings, I believe with a copy trader I will be able to make maximum profit from forex trading.

  11. I have had the mind to join RiskFreeFXBot for some time but I guess I was a little bit skeptical about the process involved. The FMS EXPERT ADVISOR COPY TRADING PROGRAM looks like a better opportunity and I am going to have to check them out to fully understand how the system actually works.

  12. I have never done trading so far. Sometimes I am tempted to start, but seeing the failures of people I drop the idea. Anyways Your post about FMS EXPERT ADVISOR COPY TRADING PROGRAM tempts to make a start because of the profit margin 80% to 150 %. Moreover investing $200  is not an issue because it is not a big amount. However, the only thing I want to know about is the experience of FMS and How many years they are in the field?Thanks for a useful article.

    1. This project is based on the RiskFreeFXBot project. This is our base copy trading opportunity to anyone who has min $25 to invest. The differences are that the FMS EA copy trading project is not available for US, Canadian residents, the min. required deposit is $200 and you will able to earn more profit here. 

      We will create the FAQ section on this site too, but until it, I suggest to read these posts.

      Our guaranteed 10% first week profit offer: https://forexmillionairestrate

      RiskFreeFXBot FAQ:

  13. I was really fascinated by all that great opportunity. Been wanting to get into trading for quite some time now. Had no idea you could start out with just 200 bucks. I guess I just haven’t been up to date as the sums of 5-10 more as the initial start was quite a while ago. I guess it also depends on the service provider.

    A question though, what is it exactly how the copy trading works? I’m not really familiar with the term.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    1. Copy trading is a system to help copy the trades from a Master account to Slave accounts. The Master account is owned by professional traders. This is our account. Our trades will automatically appear on your – the copy trader – account. 

      This is an easy option to earn money with Forex trading without any experience.

      Please read this offer too: https://forexmillionairestrate

  14. I do not know much about stock trading but it seems to be  a very interesting business and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to learn for several years, as a total beginner  in this you recommend me to try it or it’s better to learn first and then   enter to the stock trading business?.

    Thank you for sharing hopefully I can get an answer.

  15. I seeing this fms for the first time but I don’t understand the strategies involved with fms. When I register with a trusted broker, what then would be my business with fmc and my broker. Does forex involve 3 parties?  The forex I know since ages is just within two parties, the trader and the broker.

    1. This is copy trading. That means there are 3 parties. You the “trader”, we the traders with the Master account and the broker. You will open a broker account and the trades will appear there, but you have to pay to the Master account’s owner too. 

      I suggest reading the FAQ and if you will have more questions, just reply or comment.

  16. Thanks Gino for this post. I’m a newbie to fxtrading, I’ve been on the lookout for a reliable and topnotch brokerage that can will take me by the hand till I become independent. I really hope this website will be of help. I wouldn’t mind if you can be my personal coach and guide me till I become a successful trader. 

    1. Yes, I will help you through the steps to earn money with this project if you are really interested in earning with Forex. You will able to earn the same profit from the first day. Your broker balance will raise as fast than ours from the first trading day.

      You probably read the benefits, the guarantees. Just register your account and then contact with me. I will guide you through e-mail or Telegram.

  17. Hello, 

    This document about forex trading is very interesting and much helpful for those who are interested to be a good forex trader. It’s really incredible about 15% of sharing. I just want to say, it’s a reliable and autentic enough strategy to earn money by trading. I’m just impressed after looking at your most effective strategies. I think these strategies will help us to have a basic concept of trading systems and to be a skilled forex trader.

    Thank you for sharing us.

    1. I think you misunderstand what is this project about. The FMS EA copy trading program is not for those who want to become a Forex trader. This is for those who want to earn a profit with Forex trading autopilot. 

      Copy trading is a system to copy a successful trader account. Your personal broker account will copy our trades and that means you will earn the same % profit than we do. All the program automated and we guarantee that your account will be safe (check the benefits and the investment guarantee).

      I suggest reading more posts (FAQ) and if you have more questions just contact us.

  18. This information is portrayed wonderfully in a short and effective way. I am a newbie in Forex Trading area, will be very useful for me to start.

    I liked the step by step process that you have simplified in your post. However, do you think any prerequisite required for a newbie before getting into Forex trading? Such as knowledge of Accounting, spreadsheet and so on.

    BTW, nice article.



    1. This is a good question. If you are really interested in our copy trading program, you will contact us. We will talk about many things that are important to you. If you are planning to invest more than $10,000 in a Forex copy trading project we will suggest many things to you that will help to pay less tax. 

      Sure we suggest talking with an accountant during the year you started, so you can count on the taxes too. This is different in every country.

  19. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing this nice information about this topic . I said , copy trading is the technical term for the practice in which forex traders copy the trades of other traders directly into their trading platform . In most cases , this copying is done via a social trading platform through which traders can assess the strategies and performance . However . it is called that copy trading is legal . Nowadays , there are a lot of companies and platforms offering copy trading services and signals .

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