Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

$50 gift to every copy trader with $200+ balance – partner offer


This is an offer of the SkyIsTheLimit Inc. and You know that we have 3 Forex copy trading program ( one of SIL and two of RiskFreeFXBot ) with very good results. Two of the projects are available to anyone, the ForexMillionaireStrategy Expert Advisor copy trader project does not accept traders from the U.S, Canada, Israel and Islamic Republic of Iran.


Yo have to

  • join any of the copy trading programs with an account with min. $200 deposit on it,
  • set the copy trading before 11th of February and use the program during this month,
  • send your trading history to us every day or week.

You will receive 1 gift SIL profit share on 1st of March if your account’s balance is higher than $200.

The gift SIL profit shares make the same profit than a regular SIL Profit Share, but only for 2 months. Then the share expires, but you can withdraw or reinvest the profit.


Read more about the PROFIT SHARES:

Results of the Profit Shares:


The copy trading programs you can join:

SIL Forex copy trading (138,98% profit in January) (available worldwide)

RiskFreeFXBot program (308.71% profit in 8 weeks)  (available worldwide)

ForexMillionaireStrategy Expert Advisor copy trader program (38.11% profit in 9 days): (not accept traders from the U.S, Canada, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran)


Do you have any questions about this offer, SIL Profit Shares or any of the copy trading programs, we are here to help. Comment here or contact through the contact forms of each website


This offer is available for the new Profit Share owners too. Every new SIL Profit Share owner who will buy more than 4 shares until 11th of February, will receive one gift SIL Profit Share.


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