Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

1st statistics report


This is the first statistics report here. The is created to show a working and profitable trading strategy. You can see the auto-updated chart on the main page, but we will create posts about the statistics every month.

We will share charts like this. For example, this shows that the monitoring account is a Real account, not a Demo, but the most important that it shows the profit too. It almost reached $450 profit, which is not bad. You know that the starting balance was $500, so we made a very nice profit in less than one month.

So we will share all-time statistics charts every week, and sure we will share weekly statistics too, like this:

This shows the most important data. First of all the profit. This week it was $280.37 (56% of the starting balance). This kind of history print screens will show the withdrawals and commissions too, but the most important will be the profit…


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